2017 回顧 Review


Time flies and 2017 is coming to its end. Stepping into the second stage of my life, let me share with you my review on what have been passed or achieved in 2017.

2017 回顧 Review

  • 認清自身、工作現況及前景,為超過三十年的工作生涯畫上句號
  • 踏出新的一歩,學習日常烹煮工作
  • 重拾麵包烘焙的興趣
  • 開啟個人網誌,抒發生活點滴
  • 為工作以外的人生目標出發,完成新的一輪臺灣自行車之旅
  • Have a close review of my personal and career plans which subsequently lead to a graceful ending to my 30+ years of career life
  • Learn to cook and take up the daily cooking works
  • Resume my interest on bakery
  • Start my personal blog for sharing of personal feelings
  • Complete another round of Taiwan cycling trip for achievement of personal targets

2018新的展望 New Year’s Resolutions

  • 為家人肚子拼搏,學習西菜料理
  • 定立閲讀目標,為不同範疇多作學習
  • 重新認識自己,發掘新的方向
  • Learn to cook western cuisine
  • Establish reading targets to broaden my knowledge
  • Have an in-depth review of myself and identify new direction in life


I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you every success in 2018.


Finally, after three months of hard works and practice, I managed to overcome my first challenge and be able to cook meals for my sweet family.

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