Tour of Local Bakeries in Hong Kong 香港本土麵包店廵禮

I like to visit bakeries when I’m having overseas tours. This not only allowed me to enjoy tasty breads, pastries and wonderful shop decorations, but also gave me a chance to experience various bread that are local to the place.

Recalled that I have written several posts on those bakery stores that I had visited, however, seems like I have none for bakeries in Hong Kong. Starting in 2019, I would like to spend some efforts on all those local bakeries that I have visited and tasted their breads.

My focus will be on those small local bakeries which serve most of the Hong Kong people.

Posts will be arranged by location for your ease of reference.





香港島  Hong Kong Island

Number One麵包西餅

麥典坊手感烘焙 Wheatie Bakery

小豬豬麵包 Little Piggy Bakery

九龍半島  Kowloon Peninsula

新界  New Territories

I am .. bakery

離島  Offshore Islands

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