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Unboxing – Round Three 第三次的開箱

I have written several unboxing posts covering life-style and IT related topics this month. To keep up the momentum, I have just completed another one.


The unboxing work covered here is the latest 2020 MacBook Pro 13 inch notebook computer released by Apple Inc on 4 May 2020. The previous generation was introduced dated back in late May 2019.

今天開箱的是 Apple Inc 在今年五月初才公布的 2020 13 吋 Macbook Pro;對上一次更新大約是在 2019年五月尾。

There is nearly no change in appearance between the new MacBook Pro and the previous generation or even my 2017 MacBook Pro. The most notable difference may possibly be the new “Inverted T shape” arrangement of the four cursor keys.

All the major changes are on the hardware items like the Intel Gen-10 Core i5 or i7 processors that focused on performance enhancement.

外觀和上一代或是我現時使用中的 2017 13 吋 Macbook Pro 沒有很大分別,較明顯的可算是新機上的 “倒置T形” 排列的方向鍵。

新機主要使用了新的硬件如Intel 笫十代的 Core i5 和 i7 處理器,重點是在効能上的提升。

The new MacBook Pro comes with both Touch Bar and Touch ID sensor as standard features. Useful features?

Personally these are not my cup of tea!

全新一代 Macbook Pro 已配置 Touch BarTouch ID 感應器,好用嗎?


This MacBook Pro will mainly be used for multimedia and video processing, so performance and throughput considerations will be the top priority.

Let’s take a look at the configuration:

由於這部 Macbook Pro 會用在多媒體影像處理上,効能上的要求至為重要。先來看看新機的規格:

  • 2.0 GHz Quad-Core Intel Gen-10 Core i5 processor (2.0 GHz 4 核心第 10 代 Intel Core i5 處理器)
  • 32 GB RAM (32 GB 主記憶體)
  • 1 TB SSD Storage (1 TB SSD 儲存空間)
  • 4 Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports (四組 Thunderbolt 3 USB-C 連接埠)
  • macOS Catalina Opening System (macOS Catalina 操作系統)

I think Apple has done a good job this time in the speedy deployment of the latest Intel Gen-10 Core i5/i7 processors.

想不到 Apple 今次這麼快便引進全新的十代 Intel Core i5/i7 處理器,值得一讚。

Similar to what I have for my previous 2017 Macbook Pro unboxing, I have run the Blackmagic Disk Test App on the new Macbook Pro that equipped with a 1 TB SSD. It recorded a throughput of 2600 MBps Write I/O and 2200 MBps Read I/O.

和我以前的 2017 Macbook Pro 開箱一樣,我也在這部整合了 1 TB SSD 的新機上運行 BlackMagic Disk Speed Test App 作比較。全新 Macbook Pro 錄取得以下讀/寫流量數據 – 寫出 : ~ 2600 MBps,讀入 : ~2200 MBps。

The same benchmark testing was executed again on my 2017 MacBook Pro with a 512 GB SSD as well. The old Macbook Pro delivered a typical throughput of 2000 MBps Write I/O and 2400 MBps Read I/O.

把同一 App 在我的 2017 Macbook Pro 上走一遍。這部安裝了 512 GB SSD 的舊機得出另一讀/寫流量數據 – 寫出 : ~ 2000 MBps,讀入 : ~2400 MBps。

There is a 30% improvement in Write Throughout exhibited by the new Macbook Pro. However, it came to my surprise that a 10% degradation in Read Throughput was also recorded.

Why a reduction in Read Throughput? Caused by the capacity difference of the installed SSD? Or difference in NMVE chip structure? I have no clue right now and any one of you can shed some light on me?

For other performance benchmarks, I believe relevant information is readily available over the Internet and I will not repeat here.


為甚麼呢?是否和 SSD 的容量有關呢?或是內存的 NMVE 記憶晶片結構上的差異? 此刻我仍未能找到答案,大家又有沒有線索給我呢?


With such a strong specification and performance improvement, it definitely comes with a high price tag, HKD 18,499.00, thank you.

You probably will say: “Wow, you are so rich!”.

Being a retired person with no income, I certainly can’t afford it!

To be honest, this super powerful MacBook Pro doesn’t belong to me. My partner bought it and hopefully this little monster will help her to tackle the challenges ahead of her. 💪🏼💪🏼

這麼強勁的規格及性能,當然價錢不菲,盛惠 HKD 18,499.00

你們可能話 : “乜咁有錢呀!”。


説真的,這部 Macbook Pro 的主人是我的好拍檔。希望這部新機可以幫助她完成她的新挑戰吧。 💪🏼💪🏼

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