Times Up! 夠鐘啦!

If you are fond of photography and used to surf the internet for latest information, you should be aware of DigitalRev TV, Kai as well as Lok. DigitalRev TV was once an extremely popular YouTube channel with around 1.9 Million subscribers and total page views exceeding 430 Million in its glorious days.

如果你對攝影有興趣,閒時會瀏覽網上最新資訊,相信對 DigitalRev TVKaiLok 也會有一定的認識。當年這個 YouTube 频道及這對好拍檔極受一眾攝影愛好者所追捧。全盛時期,頻道有190萬的訂戶,瀏覽率亦超過4億。

In 2016, Kai and Lok left DigitalRev TV and started their own personal YouTube channels. Kai returned to his home land in UK and Lok continued his photography works in Hong Kong.

To me, I perceive Lok as gentle scholar. Being a techie in photography, Lok did not have any fancy presentation styles in his videos. To some extent, he is even not good with words. However, I still enjoyed his YouTube videos for his earnest works.

自 2016 年 Kai 及 Lok 離開 DigitalRev TV 後,他們各自建立自己的個人頻道。Kai 回到家鄉英國,而 Lok 則繼續在香港製作影片。

Lok 給我的印象是文質彬彬的書生,作為一個攝影 techie,Lok 沒有甚麼花巧的演繹風格或技巧,某個程度上給人不善詞聆的感覺,但我還是喜歡收看他的頻道,為的就是他的真誠作品。

On 12 April 2021, Lok released his last video through his YouTube channel – “Goodbye Hong Kong“.

2021年4月12日,Lok 在他的個人 YouTube channel 發放了他最後一段影片 – ⌜再見香港⌟。

Goodbye Hong Kong – Courtesy of the Lok Cheung YouTube Channel
再見香港 – 取自 Lok Cheung YouTube 频道

In his video, Lok revealed the reasons behind that pushed him to leave the place that he was born and raised. What he said also reflected the true Hongkonger’s thoughts about Hong Kong. His sense of helpless and sigh of despair towards Hong Kong were also exactly what I felt.

You may ask how come Hong Kong which was once a world-class city, has ever got into this mess, letting the talents to leave this place.

Frankly speaking, I believe most of the Hong Kong people have the answer, how about you?

Lok 在片中分享了他離開這個他出生及成長的地方的原因,他的一番話反映了很多熱愛這個地方的香港人心中所想;他對現今香港社會墮落的那份無奈和唏噓亦和我所感受到的如出一轍。



By end of April 2021, my family and I finally followed Lok’s footsteps, leaving the place that I no longer familiar and understand.

2021年4月尾,我和家人終於也跟隨了 Lok 的同一步伐,離開這個我不再熟悉的地方。

In the upcoming future, I wish I could share my exploration and life experience in my new home with all of you.


For all my friends in Hong Kong, take care !

在香港的朋友們,好好保重 !

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  1. This is really, a new chapter in life..
    Months ago I watched a few interviews of Anthony Perry (Wong Chau Sang). He said something very similar when he talked about Hong Kong. Hearing him say that made me feel sorry about how things turn out, but I don’t know what to say about it. Though I don’t know you, I appreciate that you visit my blog and read my article. Hope you and your family are doing well and safe in the new place.

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