Handed Down 傳承

I was deeply attracted by a YouTube video while I was aimlessly browsing the internet before dinner. The video was taken from the “Car SOS” TV series broadcasted in the National Geographic Channel. The title of the video was “Car S.O.S – Fiat X1/9 | Car S.O.S Full Episode 2021“.

In this episode, the restoration work was focused around car enthusiast Steve and his 1989 Fiat X1/9 (Gran Finale). Due to some electrical issues with the car and the came along of his son, the car ended up staying in the garage for more than 10 years.

In 2018, Steve was diagnosed with stage 3 of Esophageal Cancer and in his final scan later that year, cancer was found in his rib and got onto his spine. Knowing that it couldn’t be cured, all the treatments were stopped. Steve’s only wish is to try driving with his son on the Fiat X1/9. His wife Colette wrote to the Car SOS team hoping to put a big tick to Steve’s wish list. As time was running short, the Car SOS team tried their very best to have the restoration work be done as soon as possible.

Things didn’t turn out the way they wanted and Steve passed away in the midst of the restoration work. The Car SOS team worked tirelessly to restore the Fiat X1/9 to its glorious state. The car was handed over to Steve’s son and marked an end to Steve’s final wish list.

晚飯前在網上漫無目的地瀏覽了一遍,突然被一條 YouTube 片吸引著。影片節錄自國家地理頻道播放的「汽車修復」(Car SOS) 電視節目,標題是 “Car S.O.S – Fiat X1/9 | Car S.O.S Full Episode 2021“。

這一集圍繞著一名車迷 Steve 與他的 1989 年 Fiat X1/9終極版)的故事。因為車身電子系統固障及小兒子的出生,這部 X1/9 被放在車房內十多年。

兩年多前 Steve 被確診患上第三期食道癌,在最後一次的掃描中,癌細胞已擴散至胸骨及脊髓,各種治療亦已沒有成効,Steve 唯一的願望是可以和兒子在有生之年一起駕駛這部 X1/9。Car SOS 團隊在 Steve 太太委托下,希望能以最快速的時間內修復這部車。

現實永遠是事與願違,在修復其間,Steve 終鬥不過病魔。Car SOS 一眾成員在鍥而不捨之努力下完成修復工作,把復修好的 X1/9 交至 Steve 兒子手中,為 Steve 的遺願畫上句號。

For those younger than me, you may not know what Fiat X1/9 was. This car was derived from the concept car Autobianchi_A112_Runabout designed by Marcello Gandini in 1969 while working in the Gruppo Bertone Studio.

I have been a car fan since I was a kid and being a car designer is always my dream career. Moreover, designs coming from Gruppo Bertone like Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTLamborghini CountachLancia Stratos HF and Fiat X1/9 etc, are also my all times favourites.

Having a dream is always a wonderful thing. Stays right in your heart awaiting to come true, … somedays !

年輕一點的朋友,可能對 Fiat X1/9 不太認識。這部車源自於意大利汽車設計大師 Marcello Gandini 在 1969 年為 Gruppo Bertone 設計的 Autobianchi_A112_Runabout 概念車。

我自小是個車迷,孩時夢想是做個汽車設計師,對 Gruppo Bertone 的設計非常嚮往,就像 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTLamborghini CountachLancia Stratos HF 和這部 Fiat X1/9 等等⋯。


This video not only covered a touching story on Fiat X1/9, it also brought back those wonderful memories of mine.

Another area that make me feel astonished was the upgrade work for the Fiat X1/9’s engine camshaft. By using an advanced CNC camshaft grinder, it took about 6 minutes to modify the operating profile of the camshaft to increase the engine power by 12 horsepower.

One word to summarise the technology advancement – Sophisticated!


另一點令我驚艷的是為 X1/9 的引擎 camshaft 升級。透過一座 CNC camshaft grinder,在六分鐘內把 camshaft 的轉動 profile 作改動,為原本引擎的馬力提升 12 匹。


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