A Night with Eric 與神共聚

Haven’t listened to Eric Clapton’s songs for quite a while. I believed having only his “Riding With The King” album in my iPhone is the major reason why the chance of presenting his songs under Random Play mode was so low.

Tonight, I came across Eric’s latest album through YouTube’s Ads Algorithm.

Due to imposed restriction on public gathering as a result of Covid-19, two performances of Eric Clapton’s Live Concert 2021 at the Royal Albert Hall were forced to be cancelled while another two were rescheduled to mid 2022. In order to put together something for his fans, Eric gathered with his band at Cowdray House in West Sussex and produced his latest live album “The Lady in the Balcony: Lockdown Sessions“.

The one I viewed tonight was “Black Magic Woman” written by Peter Green. Through a 12-String acoustic guitar and the unplugged accompaniment, Eric and his band delivered another wonderful interpretation of the classic blues rock masterpiece with his typical calm and composed singing style. Another big surprise in addition to versions of Peter Green or Carlos Santana!

No more bullshit, go ahead with the video!

很久沒有聽過 Eric Clapton 的歌,原因可能是手機中只有他和 BB King 的 “Riding With The King” 大碟,在 Random Play 模式下很少遇上,

今晚剛巧就碰上 YouTube 在其廣告演算法下推介的新歌曲片段 。

Eric Clapton 原定在 2021 年五月在 Royal Albert Hall 舉行四場音樂會,在疫情影響下,兩場被迫取消,而餘下兩場則延期至 2022 年中。為給樂迷在逆境中帶來一點喜悅,Eric 與他的樂隊在 West Sussex 鄕郊的 Cowdray House 製作了全新現場專輯 “The Lady in the Balcony: Lockdown Sessions“。

今晚收看的是取自 Peter Green 的 “Black Magic Woman“,片段中 Eric 用上 12 線木結他與樂隊以 Unplugged 方式重新演繹這首藍調搖滾作品。典型的 Eric Clapton 唱腔,不溫不火;相比起 Peter Green 或 Carlos Santana 的版本又是另一驚喜。


Right after the recommended video, I revisited Eric’s another classic “Wonderful Tonight“.

I really enjoyed this version of the song as taken from Eric’s 2007 live concert in San Diego.

In terms of the guitar intro, solo and even the way he sang the song, I personally found his passion towards his lover was slightly gone as compare with all those previous interpretations. Instead, this version was just like an old man cherished the good old days with his lover.

May be this was a reflection of him at the age of 60 plus!

看完推介,又順便找來 Eric Clapton 另一經典 “Wonderful Tonight“。

我頗喜歡這個 2007 年於 San Diego 的現場版本,個人覺得無論在結他 intro,solo 甚至歌唱演繹上都少了以往那份濃情,反而像是老人家與身邊人懷緬昔日美好時光般。


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  1. Eric is an outspoken vaccine skeptic, though I believe the opposite, I respect his way of speaking what he believes in and unapologetic to opposing voices. Perhaps the culture which breeds him and he influences the culture back by defining a way of punk.

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