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Let’s Talk About the 4:6 Method

Making a good hand drip or pour over coffee demands good understanding of coffee bean, grind level, coffee to water ratio and various pour over techniques, etc. Beginners or average coffee brewers like me will probably overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of information, jargons and techniques available over the Internet.

Iced Coffee 凍咖啡



Stepping into May, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Along with those inconceviable and ridiculus things happened everyday, I got anxious very easily. Having a glass of cold coffee may make me feel relieved.

The coffee I’m going to have is not just coffee served with ice, it is the Cold Drip Coffee instead. So how is it related to the Cold Brew Coffee that got much attention in these days?

小雨Wayne Shih

Product Review Video 產品使用報告短片

Just watched a YouTube clip from one of my subscribed channels From the title “[幹話連篇] 飛馬601N 使用心得”, this seems to be a video review of the new coffee grinder. However, it turns out that there is NO actual discussion on the Pros and Cons of the machine despite it was pulled out and pushed back a number of times.

午後有點無聊,看了一段YouTube短片。單從標題”[幹話連篇] 飛馬601N 使用心得”,大家一定以為這是個全新咖啡磨豆機的用家報告。雖然片主多次的把磨豆機拉出拉入,可是直到這段短片的結尾仍然沒有討論過甚麼產品的亮點或缺點。


珈琲是很多人的提神飲料,工作多,壓力大就會飲杯來振奮精神,鬆弛一下。以前日飲數杯珈琲的我,不理它是港式、義式、美式,不理它是多糖多奶、Cappuccino 、Expresso 定Americano,也面不改容。可是近幾年來,隨著年齡、健康狀況的改變,過量的珈琲因往往令我感到不適。即使手上的Pacific Coffee 或Starbucks 戶口尚有餘額,也很久沒有光顧了…