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Long Forgotten 久違了

It has been about two weeks since my boy's school resumed lessons. Other than having to get up earlier to take him to school, I have the luxury to have more spare time in the morning. As we did not have any outdoor activities for quite a while, my wife suggested to visit the Mount Parker Country Park today. 不經不覺間兒子回校上課已兩星期多,除了要早點起來陪他上學外,早上卻多了些空閒時間。 很久沒有往外走,今天太太建議到柏架山郊野公園行山。

Top of the Town@Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong

If you like hiking in Hong Kong, there is a place that you must make a visit - Tai Mo Shan. I've been to Tai Mo Shan a number of times. Cold Winter, cool autumn, hot summer; Sunny day, rainy day; hiking and even cycling. No matter how and when, you will find your ways to enjoy.