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WWDC 2020 Keynote 環球開發會議 2020 主題演講

今早看了 Apple 的 WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2020 Keynote,時間是香港6月23日零晨一點,大家可按以下連結去瞭解多一些。

Unboxing – Round Three 第三次的開箱

I have written several unboxing posts covering life-style and IT related topics this month. To keep up the momentum, I have just completed another one. 這個五月已經寫了多編不同性質的開箱文,有生活閒情,也有資訊科技;那就不要讓熱情停下來,再來一編吧。

Getting My Next Mobile Platform

Ever since I have quit my job in late 2017, I don't have any notebook computer with me. This sounds a little bit inconvenient and I have been thinking of getting my next mobile platform for quite a while.