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治療系 (一)

不得不說,困在家中真有點渡日如年的感覺,再看到每天香港所發生的荒謬事,心情可說是更加沉重,差一點就透不過氣來,我死了。 只是怎麼樣的日子還是要過 ⋯

Looking Back – July 2020

Personal look back for the past month

Looking Back – June 2020

Personal look back for the past month


What a Big Surprise

One of the measures taken here in Hong Kong to address the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus is "Work from Home".  Such practice had been extensively adopted by me before my retirement. The impact to restaurants/cafes like us, that mainly served office workers, is a significant drop in business. We have to accept this as it ...

Surgical Mask, this is All I Wanted 一罩難求

Just like most of the people in Hong Kong, I queued up at a pharmacy early in the morning hoping to get some surgical masks.

Hua Shan Din by Cosmo Creation

Status Update • Flash Visit to Taipei 狀態更新 • 快閃台北

It's been quite a long time since I published my last blog post, 318 days to be exact. 2019 has been a busy and wonderful year to me where I have the chance to explore and learn so many things that I have never dreamt before. I am so lucky to have fully recovered, much ...