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Dark Brown Sugar Artisan Bread

My little niece returned home for her Easter holiday in early April. During her stay, she talked about the dark brown sugar bread served in Outback Steakhouse and how delicious it is. Rather than taking her to Outback, how about giving her a surprise? A loaf of freshly baked dark brown sugar bread sounds like a good idea.

Homemade Birthday Dinner for My Boy

Yesterday was my boy's 10 years old birthday. With only six months of cooking experience, I am still not a good cook. Nevertheless, I should be able to feed my family (No complaint so far). As such, I decided to cook a birthday dinner for him.


根據上次做包後的觀察, 昨天重做免揉麵包, 修正重點是酵母的處理…

做個手工麵包 Artisan Bread

我很喜愛食麵包,尢其是造形簡樸的歐式麵包。網上見到有很多blog或YouTube的教學文章和片段,今天也嘗試跟著做自己的手工麵包 …