Long Forgotten 久違了

It has been about two weeks since my boy's school resumed lessons. Other than having to get up earlier to take him to school, I have the luxury to have more spare time in the morning. As we did not have any outdoor activities for quite a while, my wife suggested to visit the Mount Parker Country Park today. 不經不覺間兒子回校上課已兩星期多,除了要早點起來陪他上學外,早上卻多了些空閒時間。 很久沒有往外走,今天太太建議到柏架山郊野公園行山。

Looking Back – September 2020

Personal look back for the past month

Let’s Talk About the 4:6 Method

Making a good hand drip or pour over coffee demands good understanding of coffee bean, grind level, coffee to water ratio and various pour over techniques, etc. Beginners or average coffee brewers like me will probably overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of information, jargons and techniques available over the Internet.

Divisibility Rules

Hello guys! It has been a long time since my last blog! Today I'm going to share some interesting rules in Mathematics that is about "How to determine whether a given integer is divisible by a fixed divisor without actually performing the division".

When Father & Son Meet

After a hard day's housekeeping work, I finally sat down, picked up my guitar and played along those videos suggested by YouTube. 忙了一整天,終於可以坐下來,提起結他跟隨著 YouTube 推介的 video 一起彈奏。

ABRSM Practical Exam Updates ABRSM術科考試最新安排

我家兒子原先報考了今年四/五月舉行的 ABRSM Grade 8 Piano Practical Examination (英國皇家音樂學院八級鋼琴術科考試),但因應年初疫情,考試被迫取消。為免浪費數個月的試前準備(其實是高昂的學費),我亦跟隨學院的建議,申請了年尾的考試。

Bon Jovi – It’s My Life

最早認識到 Bon Jovi 是我剛大學畢業的那個年代,和很多年青人一樣,第一首接觸的是 1986 年 11月 Billboard #1 歌曲 You Give Love a Bad Name。

Windows PC SSD Upgrade 硬碟升級

I have a 6 years old desktop Windows PC in my home that is mainly used by my wife. However, as my little boy is getting older and needed to use the computer as well, it became quite inconvenient to have them sitting in front of the desktop. I ended up buying notebook computers for them subsequently. Despite that desktop PC is a little bit old, it still got the works perfectly done if just for daily home use or web surfing. The only downside is the slow PC startup time and that's why I decided to replace the hard disk with a SSD. 家中一台已購置六年多的桌面 Windows PC 主要是給太太使用,但隨著兒子長大並開始接觸電腦,要他們安坐書枱前便有點不太方便,於是便轉用了筆記簿電腦。 雖然這台電腦有點舊,但如只用作日常的資料處理及上網,它還是升任有餘。唯一不足處是開機時間稍長,最近便決定為它的硬碟升級至 SSD。

經濟下滑 還是 大好商機?

不經不覺又一年,舊車續牌前又要先來個驗車。 經舊同學介紹,早上駕車到炮台山附近的車房作年檢及政府驗車。

Random Piano Playing 隨意彈奏

今天是開學第三天,亦是正常課堂的開始。 由早上八點十分伸延至下午三點四十五分,真有些辛苦,還好功課不算太多,剩下的時間仍可休息、聽音樂。

Looking Back – August 2020

Personal look back for the past month

High C/P Ratio Remote Learning Platform 高C/P值遙距學習平台

我在上一篇關於開學的 post 講過一般家庭如有數位適齡學童,要為他們購置電腦或平板電腦作遙距上課會構成一定的經濟壓力。 那刻曾想過怎樣去舒緩這問題,經過數天沉澱後,今天就來試試探討一下。

疫情中的生活點滴(五)- 開學

2020 年的暑假過得很快,但感覺上又好像從未開始過,不竟學生們從年初的新春假期後,已差不多半年沒有回校上課。

朝聖之旅 – 堂本麵包店 Domoto Bakery Store

好一段時間沒有寫過烘焙有關的分享。還記得 2018 年尾臺灣之旅我拜訪了三間神級的烘焙店,之後也寫過兩篇朝聖之旅的文章,隨後因忙於攪自己的食店,第三篇被擱置一旁,今天就讓我為這個朝聖之旅系列來個終結吧!

Tour de Taiwan 2015 隨想篇


First Love

That first love the cruise by a lonely beach with a top down and salt water air feels like dancing over the ocean . . . I know we can't relive a memory but may be we can rebuild one

HWAY COFFEE 灰咖啡 – 高雄新城區

先前到過或寫過的臺灣咖啡店都在臺北,今天來分享另一間位於高雄,自己頗喜歡的特色咖啡店 - 灰咖啡。

治療系 (一)

不得不說,困在家中真有點渡日如年的感覺,再看到每天香港所發生的荒謬事,心情可說是更加沉重,差一點就透不過氣來,我死了。 只是怎麼樣的日子還是要過 ⋯

Looking Back – July 2020

Personal look back for the past month

音樂、回憶 Music & Memories


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