Looking Back – June 2020

Personal look back for the past month


我是怎樣開始飲咖啡呢? 想了很久也沒有一點頭緒,可能真的是太久遠了!

Things To Do In My Next Visit to Taiwan 下次到台灣應該做甚麼?

自今年二月初暫停外國人士入境,台灣政府會於明天(6月29日)開始放寬符合特定條件的人士入台,此階段主要是基於商務及依親的需要,相信旅遊入境稍後亦會恢復。 上次到台灣是今年一月中,轉眼間又差不多半年了,心裏有點癢,希望盡快可以再回去探朋友及遊灠。在家數月,閒來上網也留意到很多台灣相關的資訊,先來個整理,為稍後再到台灣作好準備。

WWDC 2020 Keynote 環球開發會議 2020 主題演講

今早看了 Apple 的 WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2020 Keynote,時間是香港6月23日零晨一點,大家可按以下連結去瞭解多一些。



疫情中的生活點滴 (一)

武漢肺炎在全球肆瘧了好一段日子,香港人從 2003年 SARS 慘痛的回憶中做好了這次的抗疫工作,現時情況亦漸趨穏定;然而這個疫症對我們的生活或多或少總帶來一些改變。 就像今天回到醫院覆診一樣,也和之前的很不一樣。

Turning Raspberry Pi into Shop Display 樹莓批電子餐牌顯示

Shortly after my retirement, I had bought a number of Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer for fun and DIY works. Projects that I had engaged included network based time-lapse camera and multi-nodes Docker Clusters. Later on, as I needed to focus on running my own cafe, all my Pi projects were shelved. In my current setup of the cafe, I do have an electronic display system built on top of the Raspberry Pi. Relaxed and let me share with you my shop display box. 剛退休時買了數片 Raspberry Pi (樹莓批)單板電腦,學習製作一些簡單的 DIY projects。先後做過些網絡縮時攝影機、Docker Cluster。後來因為需要集中精神攪好我的食店,只好暫時放下。 其實在食店內我也有利用 Raspberry Pi 整合了我的電子顯示屏,就在這𥚃和大家分享一下。

Unboxing – Round Three 第三次的開箱

I have written several unboxing posts covering life-style and IT related topics this month. To keep up the momentum, I have just completed another one. 這個五月已經寫了多編不同性質的開箱文,有生活閒情,也有資訊科技;那就不要讓熱情停下來,再來一編吧。

Unboxing 開箱 – Notebook Computer for Distance Learning 遙距上課的手提電腦

隨著武漢肺炎的發展,市民日常生活、工作等全受影響,學生亦被迫留在家中,學習也停下來。面對持續的疫情,在家工作已是上班一族的主要工作模式;而網上學習也變作學生之日常。 家中小老闆停學了差不多四個月,最近亦開始踏入遙距上課的步伐。 With the widespread of the Wuhan Virus, we are required to stay at home and our daily life got seriously affected. Works had been put on hold and school life suspended. Work-from-home becomes major mode of work for adults and distance learning being adopted for students. My boy has been away from school for nearly four months and has jumped on the video conferencing bandwagon recently.

Iced Coffee 凍咖啡

踏入五月,氣溫飆升,日間溫度接近三十度,再加上一件件不可思議,荒謬絕倫的事天天活現眼前,更令人覺得心情煩燥,就來個冰凍咖啡降降溫吧。 今次要飲的不是普通加了冰的咖啡,而是冰滴咖啡。那和近日頗受關注的冷萃咖啡又有甚麼關係呢? Stepping into May, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Along with those inconceviable and ridiculus things happened everyday, I got anxious very easily. Having a glass of cold coffee may make me feel relieved. The coffee I'm going to have is not just coffee served with ice, it is the Cold Drip Coffee instead. So how is it related to the Cold Brew Coffee that got much attention in these days?

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