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疫情中的生活點滴 (一)

武漢肺炎在全球肆瘧了好一段日子,香港人從 2003年 SARS 慘痛的回憶中做好了這次的抗疫工作,現時情況亦漸趨穏定;然而這個疫症對我們的生活或多或少總帶來一些改變。 就像今天回到醫院覆診一樣,也和之前的很不一樣。


What a Big Surprise

One of the measures taken here in Hong Kong to address the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus is "Work from Home".  Such practice had been extensively adopted by me before my retirement. The impact to restaurants/cafes like us, that mainly served office workers, is a significant drop in business. We have to accept this as it ...

Surgical Mask, this is All I Wanted 一罩難求

Just like most of the people in Hong Kong, I queued up at a pharmacy early in the morning hoping to get some surgical masks.