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住在台北的老同學早前在面書上分享了羅大佑與音樂瘋子的傳奇派對音樂會。這個由羅大佑和王治平携手合作的Live Show,除了讓大家回味他過往的作品外,也提供一個平台給年輕樂團和樂手作表演。音樂會安排在每月最後的一個星期三晚上。 碰巧十二月份的表演日子,我和其他舊同學一行三人仍在台北,當然不想錯過這難得的機會。

Piano Score - Voiles; Extracted from ABRSM Piano Exam Pieces Grade 8

Piano Practice – Voiles

Hi, I'm Torres. I would like to present my first piano practice in our blog. Hope you enjoy it.

Samantha Fish

Samantha Fish – A Great Blues Musician

Samantha Fish - A charming female musician who sings the blues.

Yamaha RGX612S Electric Guitar

My First Electric Guitar 我的第一支電結他 – Yamaha RGX612S

This is my first electric guitar bought on Christmas of 1988. It is a Yamaha RGX612S and is one of those "Superstrats" that are extremely popular at that time. Coming from the "Superstrats" family, the RGX612S is equipped with thinner,  fast upper fret access guitar neck and stable tremolo system that are highly suitable for ...