Homemade Birthday Dinner for My Boy

Yesterday was my boy’s 10 years old birthday. With only six months of cooking experience, I am still not a good cook. Nevertheless, I should be able to feed my family (No complaint so far🤣). As such, I decided to cook a birthday dinner for him.

There were a total of five dishes and all those were my boy’s favourites:

  1. Hand shredded chicken with cucumber, bean sheet and sesame dressing
  2. Hairy gou fried with pork and vermicelli
  3. Stewed chicken wing with potatoes and carrots
  4. Broccoli fried with fatty beef
  5. BBQ pork (Bought from shop)

Other than rice, I have also baked a loaf of dark sugar artisan bread.

Birthday Dinner for Torres
Birthday Dinner for Torres

And finally came the theme of the day – Molten chocolate birthday cake.

Molten-Chocolate Birthday Cake
Molten-Chocolate Birthday Cake

Plus somethings that couldn’t be missed …

Torres's Birthday presents
Torres’s Birthday presents

Well, happy birthday to my little Torres. 🤣🤣🤣

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