NPGPS STEM Team at Changi International AirportChallenges

My boy got his great achievement

Schedule for my boy’s Experiential Learning Journey in Singapore is quite tight. Students have to visit a secondary school, attend STEM related training at Singapore Polytechnic, doing programming work and finally present their works.

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In their second day of visit, there is also a short sightseeing session in the morning in Garden By the Bay and Marina Barrage. Kids have the chance to enjoy the bright sunny days of Singapore.

Time flies and my boy has completed his experiential learning journey and on his way back to Hong Kong.

My wife and I were at the airport to welcome him home.

Have a quick dinner at Terminal 2 of the Hong Kong International Airport. Foods are reasonably priced but there is much room for improvement. 😱

Quick dinner at Terminal 2 of HKIA
Quick dinner at Terminal 2 of HKIA

Finally, my little boy is returning home.

Little boss returning home

After a whole day of non-stop learning activities and hours of flight, my boy is still very excited and kept on telling us what he has experienced in the past four days. Probably he has to calm down and take a good sleep! 😂😂

Moreover, there are still quite a lot of homework pending for his action! 😱😱

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