Looking Back – September 2018

Personal look back for the past month


30 Sep Four days after surgery and everything is normal. In my 16 days of stay in the Prince of Wales Hotel, I must say that the hospital staff has done excellent jobs. Given the known issue of insufficient man-power resources in the Hong Kong Public Hospital system, the staff has far exceeded the expected level of services.
27 Sep Moved from the Intensive Care Unit to the High Dependency Unit for close monitoring
26 Sep Finally got my CABG surgery and it lasted for about 6 hours. Thank you for the professional Cardiothoracic Surgery team, the operation was extremely smooth and I was able to wake up by 5pm in the afternoon
16 Sep Stayed in hospital during mega typhoon Mangkhut hitting Hong Kong. Leaving my bosses to fight against the typhoon at home.
15 Sep Fainted during regular cycling trip and was sent to the Prince of Wales Hospital for immediate medication
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