MasterChef Season 9 (2018)Baking

10 Things I Have Learnt from MasterChef

MasterChef US Season 8
MasterChef US Season 8

My wife, my boy and I are fans of the Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef series of TV Shows.

Having watched a number of the MasterChef seasons in the past few years, other than knowing some of the cooking skills and innovative ideas in elevating dishes to the MasterChef level, we have also learnt somethings from the show.

  • Being a good cook, it is not just the techniques/skills one has. He or she also need to understand the ingredients that made up your dish. How they reacted in the way they are cooked and what the final taste will be when combined together
  • Proper seasoning is crucial to the dish. Never cooked the dish without actually tasting it by the home cook.
  • Maintaining a balanced acidity is as important as the taste of the dish.
  • An undercooked dish would definitely cause the home cook to say goodbye to his/her MasterChef journey.
Undercooked dish - Adam Wong
Undercooked dish – Adam Wong
  • The way you do the plating will help to elevate your dish. It is an art by itself.
Attractive plating - Jason Wang
Attractive plating – Jason Wang
  • No matter how beautiful your dish will be, it is the taste that finally determines how good your dish will be.
  • Sticking to an original and authentic cuisine is a safe approach but sometimes having crazy ideas to breakaway from traditions will definitely catch the Judges’ attention.
MasterChef US Season 8 - Dino Angelo Luciano
MasterChef US Season 8 – Dino Angelo Luciano
  • In case anything went out of control during the cooking, never give up! Stay calm and do whatever corrections or alternatives to fix it.
  • A good cook should be able to accept and learn from his/her own fault. Taking whatever comments and advice from the judges.
MasterChef US Season 8 - Jeff Philbin
MasterChef US Season 8 – Jeff Philbin
  • It is not just how good a home cook can deliver in the MasterChef Finale, how he or she has learnt and evolved during the course of the competition will definitely help to win the game.

What else?

Supplement the list with your insight. 👌

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