Looking Back – November 2018

Personal look back for the past month


30 Nov Started the preparation of my first sourdough starter today. If nothing goes wrong, the sourdough should be ready a week later.

As of today, I had achieved around 146 Kilometers of indoor riding within the month of November.

29 Nov Had my fourth hiking session this month. My wife and I together with another old classmate completed our 7.6 Kilometers hiking from Quarry Bay to Tai Tam Reservoir within 2 hours. Seems like my health condition is steadily resuming to the level before my surgery.
14 Nov Hiking with my wife in the Tai Tam Country Park (Mount Parker section) and managed to hike around 4.5 Kilometers with a maximum elevation of 122 Meters without any difficulties.

As another form of recovery exercise to resume body strength, we planned to have hiking every week. Thank you for the great support from my wife.

10 Nov Dinner with old classmates to celebrate another classmate coming back from US for holidays. We had a wonderful time and it was hard to believe that he could still recall lots of interesting moments we had in the good old days. What a human database machine!
8 Nov Attended second post-operation follow-up check at the hospital. Progress of my recovery was excellent. 
2 Nov Kicked off daily indoor cycling as another stage of recovery for cardiovascular exercise.

A target of at least 5 Kilometers per day with heart rate below 130 bpm is established.

  1. Great to hear you’re making great progress from your operation. Take it easy!

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    1. Much better than I expected. Thx.

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