Looking Back

Looking Back – December 2018

31 DecEnd of year 2018 and is a time for a review of the past one year. 
29 DecReturned to Hong Kong after a great trip in Taiwan.
27 DecMet my friends in Taichung and they took my family to visit some of the local attractions plus the famous Domoto Bakery Store.
26 DecHad a four hours short visit to Tainan.
25 DecEnjoyed a laid back lunch and family ride in Cijin area, Kaohsiung.
23 DecTook High Speed Rail Train to Zuoying, Kaohsiung to meet my family.


Enjoyed a delicious Taiwanese Teppanyaki dinner.

22 DecWent to Shilin District and visited Boulangerie Nogami Tianmu, a bakery owned the famous Japanese baker 野上智寛.


Walked along the flea market next to te Shilin MRT station and had a nice chat with a barista who also roasted coffee beans by himself.

21 DecVisited 阿段烘焙 at Muzha and had a wonderful sharing with the Artisan bread master 火頭工.


While strolling along the riverside, I registered for the uBike and completed a 40 Km cycling trip from Muzha to Tamsui. That was my first cycling trip after my recovery from the surgery and seems like I had fully recovered.

20 DecVisited a local marketplace in Taipei after lunch and had a glimpse of the foods that Taiwan people had.


Watched “Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars” in Taipei in the evening.

19 DecEnjoyed the wonderful concert of “週3聚樂部─羅大佑與音樂瘋子的傳奇派對” in Taipei. All the great memories of the ’90s came back to me.
16 DecWatched “Bohemian Rhapsody” in Taipei. Believe or not, that was my first time watching movie in cinema for the past 10 years.
15 DecArrived in Taipei and started my 15 days stay in Taiwan. Unlike normal holiday trips that I usually had, there was no planned itinerary. Just to meet my old classmates in Taipei and joined my family later the month in Kaohsiung. Relaxed and had fun.
13 DecGot my refurbished Apple Macbook Pro notebook, a beautifully crafted machine and a great tool for application development and my blogging.
8 DecVisited Sky100 with my family, an observation place at the International Commerce Centre (ICC) Hong Kong. That was the second time we went there and the city area of Hong Kong was still very attractive.
1 DecParticipated with my family as voluntary workers at a fun fair in Stanley, Hong Kong and enjoyed a wonderful day under the bright sunlight.

Looks like December 2018 is a fruitful month for me.

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