Number One麵包西餅Baking

Number One麵包西餅

Number One麵包西餅
Number One麵包西餅




Number One麵包西餅



Shop 18, G/F., Fok Cheong Building, 1044 King’s Road, Quarry Bay



Date of Visit



14 Jan 2019

今天早上有點空閒時間,又到柏架山作一個短途行山。出發前有點餓,就在入囗處附近的Number One麵包西餅買個麵包充飢。



Got some free time this morning and is great for another short hiking trip in Mount Parker. Before starting the trip, I went to NumberOne bakery to buy my breakfast.

I have no idea when the bakery was first opened. However, judging from the slightly outdated shop and not very tidy decoration, I believed it should be there for quite a while.

Breads sold are mainly those traditional Hong Kong style breads, sandwiches for the office workers and traditional Chinese cakes. Moreover, the prices are very affordable as well.

Some rare old style breads like the Cream Coconut Buns can also be found here.

椰絲檳、奶油椰絲包 Coconut Bun & Cream Coconut Bun
椰絲檳、奶油椰絲包 Coconut Bun & Cream Coconut Bun
香港特式甜包及中式甜點(下) Hong Kong style sweet breads and traditional chinese cakes (below)
香港特式甜包及中式甜點(下) Hong Kong style sweet breads and traditional chinese cakes (below)
上班族的三文治 Sandwiches
上班族的三文治 Sandwiches


Once you have chosen your breads, the ladies in the shop will have your breads packed and money collected within few seconds. Well suited to the pace of Hong Kong people.


This is the Coconut Bun that I have for my breakfast. Looks good and with acceptable size.

我的椰絲檳 My Coconut Bun
我的椰絲檳 My Coconut Bun


The crumb is quite soft and is suitable for most of the Hong Kong people. It also tasted not so sweet which should be in-lined with the health aware lifestyle nowadays.

椰絲檳 Coconut Bun
椰絲檳 Coconut Bun


Breads from NumberOne are value for money and good for average people like me.


For a tour of other local bakeries in Hong Kong, please click on the following link:

Tour of Local Bakeries in Hong Kong 香港本土麵包店廵禮

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