自家製鄉村麵包 My Homemade Pain de Campagne




I have not baked any bread for several months since I had my surgery. As my recovery is good and it is time for practising baking now.

Today I am going to make a Pain de Campagne, ie. Country bread, using just the four basic ingredients: bread flour, water, salt and yeast.

In order to achieve a soft and chewy open crumb structure, I will use the Poolish method.

鄉村麵包材料 Pain de Campagne recipe:

材料  IngredientsGrams/mlBaker’s %
中種  Poolish  
  高筋麵粉  Bread flour 15075%
  祼麥粉  Rye Whole grain flour5025%
  快速酵母  Instant yeast10.5%
  水  Water200100%
主麵糰  Main dough  
  法國麵包粉  T55 Bread flour200100%
  快速酵母  Instant yeast1.50.75%
  鹽  Salt157.5%
  水  Water10050%

中種製作  Preparation of Poolish


Mixed all the ingredients of the poolish thoroughly. Covered with plastic wrap and let it rest at room temperature for about 18 hours.

主麵糰製作  Preparation of Main Dough


由於總含水量高達75%,麵糰較黏手,難以一般的搓麵方式來處理,因此會先來個水合法 (Autolyse),再利用拉展、折疊 (Stretch-and-Fold) 的技巧來增加麵糰的筋性。網路上有很多關於這些技巧的介紹,我在此也不再重覆了。





Mixed all the ingredients of the main dough and the poolish together.

As this was a 75% high hydration dough, it was very sticky and hard to handle using traditional kneading method. So I used the Autolyse method and the Stretch-and-Fold technique to speed up the gluten to form a nice networks of strands. By the way, there are a lot of discussion on these techniques available in the Internet and I will not repeat here.

After about an hour of Autolyse and several round of Stretch-and-Fold, placed the dough into the refrigerator for the first low-temperature fermentation.

When finished, lightly pressed the dough to release the gas and let the dough to relax.

Shaped and rounded the dough for the final proof.

Here came my two little partners for today: Cast Iron Dutch Oven and the Banneton Proofing Basket.

鑄鐵鍋及發酵籐籃 Cast Iron Dutch Oven and Banneton Proofing Basket
鑄鐵鍋及發酵籐籃 Cast Iron Dutch Oven and Banneton Proofing Basket






Dusted the banneton proofing basket with flour and placed the shaped dough into the basket for the final proof.

When the proofing was about to complete, put the cast iron dutch oven into the oven and pre-heated to 250ºC.

Put the dough into the pre-heated dutch oven with the smooth side facing upward. Used the bread lame to slash an arc over the dough surface. Closed the cover and baked for 50 minutes.

After about 20 minutes, removed the dutch oven cover and lowered the oven temperature to 220ºC and baked until the crust turned golden.

Actual timing should be adjusted based on the type and power of the oven.

焗好的鄉村麵包  Baked Pain de Campagne
焗好的鄉村麵包 Baked Pain de Campagne


Let the bread to cool down in room temperature.





味道方面,咸度適中,帶著濃厚的麥香,喜愛麥包的我收貨了。 🤣

Time to check the end product now.

The crust was crispy while the crumb was soft and chewy. Good work!

Personally, I think the crumb was not as airy as I wished, probably due to using a relatively high proportion of Rye flour. Seems I have to make some refinement here in order to get a nice open crumb structure in the near future.

In term of taste, it was totally acceptable and the bread carried a rich taste of wheat that I really loved.



What do you think?

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