Looking Back – January 2019

Personal look back for the past month


31 Jan It took 470 days to reach the 10,000 view milestone for my blog.

My sincere thanks to all the visitors including you to make this happen.

20 Jan My boy had his Taekwondo examination.

Although he had finally passed the red-belt promotion examination, I believed that he should practise more to make it perfect.

14 Jan Kicked off a new initiative on visiting local small bakeries here in Hong Kong. Sharing their breads and cakes; the way they operated as well as their good and bad.
8 – 13 Jan An extremely busy week having five hiking and cycling days.

Explored new hiking route within the Clear Water Bay Country Park located in the eastern New Territories.


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  1. Congratulations on another milestone, as well as my sincere appreciation for your translating into English.

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