Looking Back – February 2019

Personal look back for the past month


28 Feb Short ride along Sunny Bay, Hong Kong Disney Park, Disney hotels area and Inspiration Lake with my old classmate. My last ride here was made back in 2015 and somehow the scenery was still lovely. 
26 Feb Kicked off a special initiative for 2019 and hope that I can make some personal achievement.
7 Feb Another family hiking to the Peak, the highest point in the Hong Kong Island. As there were too many visitors there, traffic came to a halt and we had to walk down from the Peak . Making the 17 Kilometer trip our longest family hike of all time.
6 Feb Same as in last year, I had prepared the Hoi Nin Fan (meal for beginning of a year) and had a warmest gathering with my brother’s family, my sister’s family and of course, my own sweet family.
5 Feb My family and I hiked along the Sir Cecil’s Ride to celebrate the Chinese New Year and had a wonderful beginning of the year.

Later in the day, master baker, Mr. Philip Wu of Taiwan shared my post 朝聖之旅 – 阿段烘焙 on his company Facebook page 阿段烘焙. The one day page view of my blog popped up to over 200 which was the highest I ever had. What a great beginning of the year! Thank you master Wu.

3 Feb Last group ride for the lunar year in Sam Mun Tsai with new lady rider from Holland. The team enjoyed a delicious seafood lunch.

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