Looking Back – July 2020

31 JulyWeather is getting worse today, so are the Covid-19 outbreak & political situation of Hong Kong.

Typhoon will be gone shortly but how about Hong Kong …
30 JulyA flash change in the dine-in services control. The government announced that breakfast/lunch dine-in services resumed normal starting tomorrow, given that only two persons per desk is allowed.

Did they really think before action?

Definitely Not!

By the way, I have attempted to get my lunch away from home this afternoon. I ended up having my lunch after returning home by 16:00.
29 JulyFirst day of the additional Covid-19 control on banning of dine-in services in all local catering business.

A big thank you to our brainless HK Government officials, lots of outdoor workers had to eat under the strong sunlight or heavy rain.
15 JulyCancellation of all secondary school orientation & support classes during the summer vacation due to mass outbreak of confirmed Covid-19 case in the local community.

Just wondered if new school year can be started in September.
14 JulyFirst secondary school examination (or assessment?) for my boy – Secondary Class Allocation.
10 JulyHad a family lunch at Nebraska Steak House, my boy’s favourite restaurant.

Again, due to the outbreak of the third wave of the Covid-19 in HK, it turned out that today is also my boy’s last school day, as well as the last day of his primary school life.
9 JulyAccompanied my boy to have his registration at the allocated Secondary School.

Beginning of a new life challenge for him!
7 JulyToday is the announcement of the Secondary School Places Allocation (sspa) for my boy. Luckily he got a place in his first choice of selection.

The overall allocation for his school is satisfactory.
3 JulyMy boy is having his primary school graduation ceremony today but parents are not allowed to attend personally due to Covid-19.

Instead, the whole ceremony is delivered through online broadcast.

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