Looking Back – August 2020

31 AugustMy boy will start his first day of secondary school tomorrow through “Zoom” from home & I need to go to bed much earlier tonight as well.

Finally back to school …

By the way, the HK Education Bureau announced today that schools will be resumed in phase starting from 23 Sep 2020.
28 AugustAnother 32 Km virtual ride in Hokkaido, Japan.

Just a little exercise before going to bed.
24 AugustMy boy’s secondary school formally announced the “back to school” arrangement in coming September. Initially all lessons as well as the new school year opening ceremony will be conducted via “Zoom”.

Interesting & I am wondering whether he should just wear his school shirt in front of the webcam during the ceremony. 🤔
23 AugustI have not gone out for any ride since 5 July and I found myself getting a little “heavier” in these days. 😬

For a quick fix, I had a structured workout on my trainer before going to sleep.

It’s definitely boring but better than none.
19 AugustTyphoon signal number nine was hoisted in the early morning. This is the highest typhoon signal recorded in Hong Kong since typhoon Mangkhut in Sep 2018 and we are so lucky that no flooding occurred in the place where I am living.
7 AugustGreat day for Hongkongers to celebrate. 👏👏 🍻
2 AugustHave a short relaxing family walk in Inspiration Lake of the Hong Kong Disneyland.

Unlike days before the pandemic where the park was mostly crowded with tourists , there were only a scattered number of families strolling in the park. This is good for Hong Kong residents.

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  1. A lot has changed in last 10 day, all in a sudden (after purchasing all gadgets and learnt all kinds of set up) then parents and students were told, school will be resumed on 23 September. Sigh…. like a pendulum is displaced sideways.

    U say this education bereau ar, fai ng fai ar…

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