Looking Back – September 2020

30 SeptemberFor the past week, I have to wake up before 06:30 in order to accompany my boy to school.

Frankly speaking, I’m very tired as I usually went to bed around 02:00 in the early morning. 😫

Hopefully life will be much easier soon after my boy feels comfortable going to school by himself.
23 SeptemberMy boy’s school finally opened for lessons in the morning session and have afternoon Zoom session be started on 14:00.

He felt extremely excited as he was eager to meet some of the new classmates that he previously came across via virtual lessons.

However, it seems the interim arrangement was not really practical as students have to rush back home and take lunch within 1.5 hours. This is quite hard to achieve especially for those living far away from school.
11 SeptemberHave my vehicle licence renewed today.

As usual, I have made advanced online reservation and expected to pickup the new licence within 15 minutes. Unfortunately, it turned out that nearly everyone had online reservation and I spent almost one hour queueing up for the renewal service!

Again, another impact due to outbreak of Corona Virus.
6 SeptemberResumed my outdoor cycling after two months rest due to outbreak of Corona Virus.
3 SeptemberAfter two days of school term opening and orientation, my boy has his formal school lessons started today. Virtual lessons started from 08:30 until 15:45 with a 1.5 hours lunch time.

Despite he is a little bit tired, I’m glad that he finally resumed his learning.
1 SeptemberToday is the beginning of my boy’s Secondary School life. He is a little bit nervous as he has no idea on what will happen.

As number of confirmed case for local Corona Virus is still high, all school lessons will be conducted via Zoom. My boy has to dress up in full school uniforms and sit in front of the webcam to join the first two days of school.

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