Looking Back – October 2021

2021 is a busy year for me and my family where much efforts have been made in preparing and adapting to the new environment in United Kingdom.

To be honest, I considered myself a little bit lazy and not much posts had been written so far. One of the most noticeable evidence was the last monthly Looking Back post I had published was in January of the year!

As most of the settlement related works are on the right track, probably I should resume my regular work.

31 OctoberTime flies. Six months ago, I & my family left the place that we were born and arrived in London to start our new life. We are quite lucky that we got some new friends and learned a lot of new things.

Today is also the first halloween we have in UK. Out of our expectation, there is no “trick or treat” around.. May be the custom is more common if living in houses.
28 OctoberFamily visit to Kew Gardens in Kew, Richmond.

A great place to spend a whole day especially the entrance fee is quite expensive!
26 OctoberThird round trip ride of the month to Windsor Great Park and Windsor Castle.

This was my longest ride of 70 Km here in UK. Cold, windy and with rain which made the journey slightly exhausting.
24 OctoberDrove to Windsor Castle with my family. Walked around the home park, high street and the two railway stations.

Will come again and spend a longer visit to the castle.
14 OctoberSecond round trip ride to Beckenham Place Park in south east London.
5 OctoberFirst round trip ride to Sutton and Epsom.
3 OctoberShort family trip to Greenwich.

Walked across River Thames along the Greenwich Foot Tunnel South to Canary Wharf.

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  1. 我果陣搬左去house同朋友住,好期待有小朋友嚟敲門,所以買定好多糖。但最後得一個郵差叔叔敲門…..問左隔離屋先知要放個南瓜係門口或佈置下個門口,啲小朋友先知呢戶人可以敲門,搞到啲糖食到聖誕都未食晒呀。

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