Looking Back – December 2021

31 DecemberUnlike Christmas day, seems like UK people are not so enthusiastic about New Year. Most of the restaurants and cafes are still opened for service.

We are lazy and ordered takeaway for the New Year eve dinner.

29 DecemberDrove 50 Miles and visited the historical town Maidstone in Kent as suggested by my son. On our return trip, have a short stay at Bradbourne Lakes in Sevenoaks and met those lovely ducks.

25 DecemberNot only silent night, Christmas day is so … so silent as well.

24 DecemberRushed to supermarkets to do the last minutes stock up of foods as nearly all the supermarkets would be closed starting from Christmas eve and re-opened after boxing day this year.
22 DecemberMy family participated in the apartment’s Christmas Carols event. Most of the Christmas songs are “New” to us as we have never heard before. Anyway, just followed the other residents.

By the way, seems like we are the youngest among them.
17 DecemberPeople have fun at the Kingston Old Market.

1 DecemberChristmas decorations in Kingston town centre.

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  1. Before the holiday I rewatched “The Holiday”, a story between a Surrey woman and an LA woman exchanging houses during Christmas holidays. The street view in Surrey in the film is beautiful, but don’t know if that is really shot in Surrey.

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    • Surrey is one of the most beautiful counties in UK. Kingston upon Thames that I currently resided was originally part of the county but later included as part of Greater London.

      From Wikipedia, some of the UK scenes were actually shot in Surrey.

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  2. Have you/your family lived overseas before? Still the Asian food choices must be a bit different for all of you. It’s very cold where I am…for 5 days with past 10 days, it’s been -35 to -41 degrees C and snow, ice.

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