Looking Back – March 2022

February and March were really busy time for me and I was running out of time to write any posts …

Nevertheless, still had to go on with some family activities.

31 MarchReady to exchange for the GB driving licence by sending he DVLA D1 form, HK driving licence, BRP and cheque to DVLA Swansea via Royal Mail. Hopefully, the final GB driving licence will be available within a month’s time.
29 – 30 MarchEnjoyed the Mary Poppins Junior musical performed by students of the Chessington School. A show that was well prepared by teachers and a group of enthusiastic students for more than six months.

Bravo and salute to all who made this a success.

That kind of experience and exposure were definitely hard to get for students in Hong Kong.
26 MarchDay trip to Cambridge, a place that is completely different from what I saw more than a decade ago. You will find Chinese restaurants all over the place and lots of tourists speaking Putonghua!

Would like to go on a punting trip but ended up dropping the idea due to the high price tag as well as the way the guide pushing tourists to join.

25 MarchGot a tyre pressure warning while driving in New Malden. My visual checkup revealed that a screw was stuck on my Peugeot’s front tyre.

Fortunately one of the National Tyres stores was around but … another £130 to get me back on the road.
5 MarchAnother 50 miles long distance driving trip to Brighton, a seaside resort at the southern coast of the England.

Everything is really expensive here!
20 FebruaryDrove 90 miles to the eastern coast of England and visited the Margate Beach and enjoyed a very nice lunch at the Margate’s moveable restaurant, Barletta located in Turner Contemporary.

Had a walk along the Rendezvous and the Lower Promenades.

15 FebruaryVisited O2 at Greenwich and had the “Up at the O2” climb in the evening.

We were so lucky to have the trip as sections of the fabric roof were shredded by storm Eunice three days later.

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