Looking Back – August 2022

A close friend of mine recently asked if I’m ok or not. Didn’t feel surprise as I was so out of mood to write.

Actually, I was just too lazy and couldn’t believe why such a monthly look back post was published by end of the month!

14 – 19 AugustAs part of the boy’s summary holiday, had a short stay in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Visited nearby areas, Glasgow & joined a local tour to the Highlands as well as Loch Ness.

Natural scenery of the highland areas were absolutely stunning.

Edinburgh is extremely busy city but to be honest, the living standard is really on par with London!
13 AugustHad a weekend lunch at the local pub “The Woodman” at Ashtead. Cozy atmosphere and easy food.

6 AugustJoined the “Sussex Balloon & Action Extravaganza” at South of England Showground, Haywards Heath. Shared the joy with locals out in the sun.

3 AugustVisited another English Heritage spot “1066 Battle of Hastings, Abbey and Batterfield” and enjoyed a short drama played by two wonderful guys.

Drove to Hastings Beach afterwards and had our very first bite of British Fish & Chips. Wow, hard to believe in-expensive and tasty.

1 AugustShort ride with my boy to Tolworth.

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  1. I joined another walking club early this year and made some new friends. Last month, I tried to call one co-worker I never met to come out to eat. It turned out we have a lot of in common and we’ve become good friends. Last night, a co-worker I met 3 years ago called me the first time since she retired. We only sat on the same floor for a week. We chatted a little bit and decided to go out to eat some time in October. Life is full of gaps. I need to fill some of them up.

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  2. Great stuff and castles are fun to visit.

    Did you live outside of Asia before you moved permanently to the UK? Clearly scenery/life pace would be quite different than HK. Have you been to North America?

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