Looking Back – April 2023

28 AprilOur first visit to the Kingston Heritage Museum for the David Bowie & Beyond free exhibition.

Informative and had a glimpse of the arts scene of the 70’s that associated with the great Glam Rock Star.

6 – 14 AprilSpent our Easter holidays in Ireland. Our first flight after moving to UK.

What a nice and relaxing place to enjoy the holidays!

5 AprilAccompanied my son to an orchestral activity somewhere near Finsbury Park.

Spent sometime in the surrounding areas like the Arsenal FC.

Of course, couldn’t resist to have our lunch at Wetherspoon, the 80+ years old ‘The Coronet‘.

4 AprilOur first visit to Ealing next to Ealing Common. Peaceful place but not as posh as expected.

Had our lunch at an Italian restaurant. Nice atmosphere but foods were quite disappointing.

2 AprilAnother relaxed walk from Sunbury back to Kingston via the Lower Sunbury Road.

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