New World First Bus Route 42; Wah Fu Estate; Ngan Dao Cafe; Silver Cafe

Hong Kong NWFB Bus Route Number 4 & 42 香港巴士路線巡禮 – 新巴4號及42號

My little boy is enthusiastic about bus routes (unlike others, he only cares about the route and the bus!) and he memories nearly all the bus routes in Hong Kong. Whenever we have spare time, he will ask me or his mother to take him for a bus ride (of course, on route designated by him). Today we have boarded route number 4 and 42 that are operated by New World First Bus. Our destination is Wah Fu Estate located in the South Western side of the Hong Kong Island …

家中小朋友自小很熱愛巴士路線(有趣的是,他只著意路線,而不是巴士!),對於本地巴士路線可説是滾瓜爛熟。閒時總要我們帶他乘搭不同的巴士路線。今天他選上的是新巴4號及42號,目的地是座落於港島西南面的華富邨 …

原味免揉麵包 Plain No-knead bread

免揉麵包,真的這樣神奇?No-knead Bread, is this a magic?

在剛過去的聖誕及新年假期,我做了好幾次的免揉麵包。材料和做法大致上都是跟隨Carol Hu的blog所述,只是在材料份量和發酵時間上作出小量修改。

In the past X’mas and New Year holidays, I have baked a number of no-knead breads using recipes from the famous blogger Carol Hu. Some minor adjustments on the proportion of the ingredients and the fermentation time were added.


珈琲是很多人的提神飲料,工作多,壓力大就會飲杯來振奮精神,鬆弛一下。以前日飲數杯珈琲的我,不理它是港式、義式、美式,不理它是多糖多奶、Cappuccino 、Expresso 定Americano,也面不改容。可是近幾年來,隨著年齡、健康狀況的改變,過量的珈琲因往往令我感到不適。即使手上的Pacific Coffee 或Starbucks 戶口尚有餘額,也很久沒有光顧了…